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Super NSFW “CRUISING IN THE PARK” New Erotic Film by Antonio Da Silva and Fabio Lopes

Boys being boys…. CRUISING IN THE PARK by Antonio Da Silva and Fabio Lopes This film portrays the journey of a “straight” married man who has the habit of cruising in the park next to his work place during his lunch break. He is a hunter however he is also hunted. Mostly he plays with other discrete married man, […]

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NSFW | “MACHOS” | New Film by Antonio Da Silva | Don’t Watch Unless You Like Lots and Lots of D

MACHOS by Antonio Da Silva In February this year (2017) Antonio Da Silva went to Mexico to produce the new film about Mexican men (MACHOS). Antonio Da Silva states, “Sex with Mexicans can be very exciting and dangerous. The macho attitude makes aggressive and rude sex to be common not just between gay men but with straight men […]

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“GINGERS” : NSFW Film Excerpt, Lots of Ginger Pubes and Peen: Video

GINGERS / film excerpt Redheads. Fire crotches… This film collects samples of their testimonials and their body hair, skin and sperm. It is about being different genetically, about gay gingers, doubly in a minority, from Ireland to Israel to Brazil. A film made especially for ginger lovers. DONATE to WATCH and SUPPORT Antonio Da Silva Films. […]