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“Rosa Marie” Anti-Bullying Music Video by Mister E. Machine

“Like many kids, I was bullied a lot growing up. Luckily I had a kickass-older-80’s metal chick-sister that helped me through some dark times. Mister E. Machine partners with for the release of their anti-bullying anthem Rosa Marie off the EP ‘Shooting Stars’.” For more on Mister E. Machine visit

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Cypress Ranch High School Anti-Bullying Lip Dub “Who Do U Think U R?” Video

Warning! G rated cuteness with huge message. On March 28, 2012, students at Cypress Ranch High School came together to create an original Lip Dub video and to Stand Up to bullies by asking “Who Do U Think U R?” The entire project was created, filmed, sung, and performed by actual students. We’d love this […]

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Watch Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus & Son Mingus’ Anti- Bullying PSA (Video)

  When Norman Reedus is not smashing in zombie brains on Walking Dead he is being an awesome role model to his son.  The 43-year-old actor recently made a PSA alongside his son Mingus for the anti-bullying documentary, titled Bully after which he attended a screening for the film as well. “It can be very scary to stand up to bullies….it’s scary to everyone, […]

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Boy Scouts Of America Embraces GLSEN’s ‘No Name-Calling Week,’ Anti-Bullying Event Established By LGBT Organization

Sometimes I wonder why we all put so much emphasis on the Boy Scouts, as if putting them on a damn pedestal. It’s great that the Boy Scouts of America may become more accepting to amazing little gay boys. But it almost seems like in a twisted way, like begging the bully or ‘cool’ kid at school to be […]