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Watch New Animated Music Video from Stromae for “Carmen”

Watch the new music video by Stromae performing Carmen. Stromae is a Belgian singer and songwriter. He has established himself in both the hip hop and electronic music genres. Stromae came to wide public attention with his song “Alors on danse“, which became a number one in several European countries. In 2013, his sophomore album Racine Carrée was a commercial success. I am fascinated with Stromae and have featured him […]

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NSFW: Animated Francois Sagat Demands His 4 O’clock BJ: Video

This truly is a moment of WTF. We were unable to dig up any other information about this video involving porn star Francois Sagat is animated, surrounded by bitches and demanding his 4 o’clock blow job because as he says in the video, “It’s not going to blow itself!”  Sagat Francois Laughing so hard I pee’d my […]

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Taiwan’s NMA Animates Anderson Cooper comes out: Brilliantly Odd, Freakishly Entertaining Video

Brilliantly odd, freakishly entertaining. Animated News, made in Taiwan animates Mr Coopers coming out by making fun of the fact everybody already knew. Give the silver fox a break folks. Shame on you! Anderson Cooper revealed he was gay in an email published by Andrew Sullivan in the Daily Beast on Monday. “The fact is, […]