Andy Warhol’s “Seven Illustrated Books 1952–1959”

  In 1950s New York, before he became one of the most famous names of the 20th century, Andy Warhol was already a skilled and successful commercial artist. During this time, as part of his strategy to woo clients and forge friendships, he created seven handmade artist’s books, reserved to his most valued contacts. These […]


Kidrobot Releases New Andy Warhol 3-Inch Dunny Blind Box Mini Series & More

  We are excited to announce the release of an all-new, collection based on iconic art pieces from the preeminent visual artist of the 20th century, Andy Warhol – Andy Warhol 3″ Dunny Blind Box Mini Series 2.0 and 8″ Andy Warhol Masterpiece TV Dunny. Andy Warhol 3″ Dunny Blind Box Mini Series 2.0 Coming […]


Andy Warhol Cans Mystery Mini Series Available at Kidrobot

Andy Warhol and Kidrobot meet to create a limited edition Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can Series. Packaged in an iconic Andy Warhol Campbell’s soup “can”, this blind can series will contain either a mystery vinyl or plush Andy Warhol item. Collect the set and you too can earn your 15 minutes of fame. Find here


Andy Warhol’s Drag Selfies Are Going up for Sale on Ebay

  Andy Warhol’s drag selfies are up for salevia ebay HERE Dazed reports: The King of Selfies’ portraits are up for grab as Andy Warhol’s drag Polaroids are heading for an online auction. Warhol’s Polaroid collection includes two sets of selfies of the artists, one of which features a collection where he is dressed as drag with various wigs and makeup. […]

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Andy Warhol at Christie’s: “Members Only: Eyes on the Guise” June 13 – 27, 2013

Announcing Christie’s global online-only auction of original works by legendary pop artist Andy Warhol entitled For Members Only: Eyes on the Guise.  The sale, which features over 200 photographs, prints and drawings that offer insight into Warhol’s exclusive and intimate world, will run for two weeks only from Thursday, June 13th through Thursday, June 27th to coincide with Gay Pride Month.  For more information CLICK HERE Lot 1 ANDY […]

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Watch Andy Warhol Eat a Hamburger: Video

It is the simple things in life that tickle my fancy. Here we have the lovable Andy Warhol eating a whopper from Burger King with some Heinz Tomato Ketchup, of course. It is from danish filmmaker Jorgen Leth, the scene appears in his art movie “66 scenes from america” which was filmed in 1981.

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Andy Warhol’s ‘Torsos’ and ‘Sex Parts’ At The Grand Palais in Paris (NSFW Photos)

An upcoming exhibition in Paris entitled “Torsos” and “Sex Parts” shows the Andy Warhol blending the line between art and soft core pornography. While nude figures and homoerotic sexuality has been dominant in art since classical times, Warhol’s artsy crotch-shots evoke the Polaroid porn that was gaining popularity in the ’70s. According to The Warhol Museum, the artist was […]


Is Andy Warhol More Alive Now Dead Than When He Was Alive? Interview Mag Talks with Vito Giallo

(via Interview) Each new generation of New Yorkers hungers to shape the city. Andy Warhol‘s New York City: Four Walks Uptown to Downtown (The Little Bookroom) reveals how Warhol did just that; the book provides walking directions and information about some of the most important landmarks in his life. Accompanying text by Warhol expert Thomas Kiedrowski provides […]