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Andy Cohen Calls Out Chechnya’s Leader Over Torture & Murder of Gay Men | Video

Let me remind this is happening now, 2017! Andy Cohen called out Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov over social media Wednesday night amid allegations that gay men are being rounded up, imprisoned and tortured in the southern Russian republic, holding the Chechen leader responsible for these “crimes.” “Imprisoning people for who they love is inhuman,” Cohen told his […]

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Catching Up With Sandra Bernhard: SF Pride and More

BY REGGIE CAMERON (via Outmagazine) The hysterical singer, actress, and comedian chats with us about her new album, gay marriage, sex education, the Rapture, and — what else? — Oprah Winfrey. Out: It was just announced that you’re headlining San Francisco Pride this year. Sandra Bernhard: I’m always happy to be in San Francisco — […]