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Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen Chomp on 26 Pound Python: Video

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen Chomp on 26 Pound Python: Video

Anderson and co-host Andy Cohen took a bite out of a giant edible gummy Party Python that weighs 26+ pounds and is almost 8-feet long! Dare we say TV’s favorite gays? It is handmade in the USA using 12 pounds of sugar and is available to purchase in two dual-flavor combinations (Red Cherry & Blue Raspberry and

John Mayer and Andy Cohen’s Bromance in SoHo: Photos

Singer John Mayer took a stroll in NYC on Sept. 16 with Watch Happens Live! host Andy Cohen in SOHO. That’s all, let your minds run wild. We would like to come out with our major crush on Andy Cohen. There we said it. This is starting to become a habit. It’s the second time in

Catching Up With Sandra Bernhard: SF Pride and More

BY REGGIE CAMERON (via Outmagazine) The hysterical singer, actress, and comedian chats with us about her new album, gay marriage, sex education, the Rapture, and — what else? — Oprah Winfrey. Out: It was just announced that you’re headlining San Francisco Pride this year. Sandra Bernhard: I’m always happy to be in San Francisco —

I thought BRAVO Couldn’t Get Any Gayer, WRONG

I was just about to turn off my cable, buy a bumper sticker that says ” Smash Your Television”, and learn how to read,   but now BRAVO has gone and done it. I have no shame about my love for reality TV ( don’t make me call you out about what’s in your closet,