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Andrew Christian’s Underwear Models Twerk Off & Tutorial: Watch Video

Andrew Christian’s Underwear Models Twerk Off & Tutorial: Watch Video

No words necessary. www.andrewchristianshop.com 

Andrew Christian Models Give Us X-mas Cuteness in “The Holiday Card” Video

Are you naughty or nice? Regardless, all of these young men need to be spanked! There is no better way to celebrate the holiday than with the sexy models from Andrew Christian! Music By: “Hey Santa!” by Mr. Vegas Man/ Getty Images Hunky Santas: The Holiday Card (Uncensored) from Andrew Christian on Vimeo.   STARRING:

“After School Special” with the Andrew Christian Boys Featuring Pandora Boxx: Uncensored Video

Someone gets a wedgie that’s all I can say. Andrew Christian and White Party Palm Springs present “After School Special” The Andrew Christian boys are in trouble once again, but they are not going to let detention keep them away from going to White Party. Buy the styles shown now at andrewchristianshop.com/ Join the boys at

Andrew Christian’s “How to Dress Like a Slut for Halloween” Video featuring WILLAM

Most gay men do not need any help when it comes to the category of being a slut  or looking like one. Here Andrew Christian himself along with several of his models, throw a Halloween party at the “Gay Boy Mansion.”  The song featured  in the background is sung by Jonny McGovern). To watch the uncensored version

NSFW: Locker Room Payback REMIX (Uncensored) by Andrew Christian

Here is some good old fashion fluff for your hump day. Just entertainment, of course we do not advocate shaving your butt! Locker Room Payback REMIX (Uncensored) by Andrew Christian from Andrew Christian on Vimeo. Andrew Christian Facebook: Facebook.com/andrewchristianinc Andrew Christian Twitter: twitter.com/?q=andrewchristian#!/ANDREWCHRISTIAN Music: The Fight Song” by Supersuckers / Getty Images

Andrew Christian’s 8 Men, 1 Bus New Video: “Road Trip” Part 1 (UNRATED)

We liked the shot below for are purposes of course, Art! You like fluff? Yeah, we kind of thought you did! Andrew Christian released his newest video of his underwear wearing gang today. Cute, but truth be told it’s a little hard to sit through the whole video, so I did twice. I’m just going

Otter Alert! “Slippery When Wet” Video for Andrew Christian Underwear

Even though when we recently asked a handful of Andrew Christian models to do a fun interview and the got the response from one of the guy’s ‘agent’ that he only works for money these day, we still adore their videos! The Andrew Christian boys sneak into Andrew’s pool for an end-of-summer adventure! Shop for

Watch: Andrew Christian Goes S&M in Their Newest Video “Lights Out” Starring Paul Wagner

Just in time for San Francisco’s famous Folsom Street Fair month, Andrew Christian models turn the lights down low for this S&M video that was inspired by the song “Role Play” by Jessi Malay. The cast is sexy as always but there is a special one that catches our eye, the ‘Business Man’ played for adult

Cheap Thrills: “The Amazing Newbie” Underwear Ad by Andrew Christian: Video

We are partial to these videos but do enjoy some cheap thrills now and again. Remember these are ads to sell underwear and damn cute. Actually though, we don’t personally think the guys packages look good in these. Abnormal shaped wieners make us think of stuffing. Anyhow, bravo for another fun video Andrew Christian. Buy

A “Brief” Love Affair by Andrew Christian, So Sick We Love It: Video

This is twisted and sick and that’s what makes it awesome! Without the humor it would just be twinky, but Andrew Christian has this bear by the balls with his video series! Buy the Color Vibe and Vivid Fuse styles now at: andrewchristianshop.com Models: Pablo Hernandez (facebook.com/PabloHernandezOfficial), Cameron Marshall (facebook.com/TheCameronMarshall) Colby Melvin (facebook.com/colbymelvinmodel)        

Andrew Christian Underwear Models Wish You a Happy National Hot Dog Day: Photos

www.andrewchristianshop.com National Hot Dog Day celebrates one of America’s favorite summer sandwiches. It is only fitting that this dog gets its day. Its summertime. Hot dogs are center stage on the grill, and at picnics all across America. They are at the ballpark. They are sold from carts on street corners in every city. It’s not

Wet Your Oral Fixation with “LICK” by Andrew Christian: Video

Pure fluff! Andrew Christian does what he does well, whether you like it or not is irrelevant. Watch the Behind The Scenes Video at andrewchristian.com/socialvideos/ Buy the Underwear shown at andrewchristianshop.com/ Models: Brandon Brown, Steven Dehler, Spencer Jones, Marcel Cruz, and William Senn

Andrew Christian’s Models Cover Audience at LA Pride with Used Undies, No One is Complaining: Video

We have to give it up to Andrew Christian and his pose, they are always having a blast. Whenever posting Andrew’s videos we usually get a stream of comments of how smooth and too thin his models are. Yes, we like them a with some beef and fur but in a community that is supposed to

Underwear Designer Andrew Christian & Eclectic Group of Foxy Friends Celebrate Gay Pride Video

Andrew Christian & Friends celebrate Gay Pride from Andrew Christian on Vimeo.   So many colors of pride in this fun montage of video clips from Andrew Christian fans, friends and most likely a trick or two. Watch LA Pride 2012 streaming live HERE today!  

If Finger Painting Men in Tiny Undies Is Your Thing, Watch Andrew Christian’s Newest Video “Tag Me”

  Wet dream or nightmare? Watch the Uncensored Version at andrewchristianshop.com/Tag-Me-Andrew-Christian-ccid_62.aspx (Warning Contains Male Nudity) Shop now for styles seen in this video at http:/AndrewChristianShop.com/ Andrew Christian Facebook: http:/Facebook.com/andrewchristianinc Andrew Christian Twitter: http:/twitter.com/?q=andrewchristian#!/ANDREWCHRISTIAN Song: “Put Your Graffiti On Me” by Kat Graham: itunes.apple.com/us/album/put-your-graffiti-on-me-single/id510998860 Cast: Brandon Wertz-Nude Model Jose Valdivia-Instigator Steven Dehler-Best Friend #1 (blue eyes) Quinn Jaxon-Best

“Punch That Booty” with the Andrew Christian Models (Video)

If smooth, pretty muscle boys is your thang (yes that was on purpose) than this video is for you and you will must likely get a chubby. For all you hair lovers out there don’t have cow and enjoy the absurdity of the video. Shop for The Underwear Shown Now at andrewchristianshop.com Andrew Christian Facebook: Facebook.com/andrewchristianinc Andrew

Underwear Designer Andrew Christian’s Cute Soft-core Porn Advertisement “Will Fuck for Underwear” (Video)

Underwear designer Andrew Christian hires popular porn star Rod Daily  to show off some of his new designs—specifically the Slim Focus Brief, Coolflex Boxer and the super (in my humble opinion) bizarre Air Jock. I have to admit that I am an extreme basics underwear guy (Fruit of the Loom) but I do enjoy watching designers

Andrew Christian Presents “Locker Room Payback”: Water Boys Get Hazed Video (NSFW)

No doubt this video will have views and gay judgement split right down this middle. For some this will be great soft core jack off material (be sure to check out the Uncensored version at andrewchristian.com/socialvideos/) and for other they are gagging from the pure cheese and will be crying because this perpetuates bland, typical stereotypical homos.

Food Porn: “Gentleman and the Tramp” from the Andrew Christian’s Almost Naked Food Blog (Video)

Teaching helpless cooks how to make a romantic meal.  My inappropriate brain farts I was having while watching the video : 1. That black v-neck t-shirt is ridiculous 2. Please let your eye brows grow back in 3. He is actually doing a good teaching a how-to -lesson (I’ve seen worse) 4. Almost cute 5.

Andrew Christian’s Underwear Pillow Fight “5 Guys, 1 Pillow” Video:: What’s the Opposite of Erection?

Not to be confused with Two Girls, One Cup (NSFW or this world). Underwear designer Andrew Christian as of lately has entered into the world of video making. The men in videos are always dressed , by the end of video at least, in nothing more than his pricey well designed undies (If you’re into that kind of

Weekly Rehash: Neo-Nazis of Brooklyn, “8”, Transactivations, MEAT Zine, ‘Andrew In Drag,’ Andrew Christian, Alan Cumming, Hal Sparks

Hairy Balls: click on image to go to link    Art & Music:  click on image to go to link Transactivations: LA Artists Use Their Bodies as Canvases to Defy Gender Norms (Video) Heather Cassils gained 24 pounds in muscle over six months for the sake of art. Zackary Drucker asked audience members to tweeze the

“Dirty Laundry” with Underwear Designer Andrew Christian’s Soccer Team in States of Undress (Video)

I am going to take the words out of our mouth,”Why the fuck does this never happen to me?” Underwear superstar designer Andrew Christian has been making playful videos promoting his goods and the or love of the male physique. Just released today  Christian’s new video”Dirty Laundry,” a scenario we have all played out in our

Feeding Time: Freshman Car Wash – Andrew Christian Style Video

This is what I like to call Feeding the Gays. What?! Don’t look at me, Andrew Christian is an underwear designer. What better way to show off his products than at a car wash!     http://www.andrewchristian.com For the full uncensored version with even hotter action, visithttp://www.andrewchristian.com Social Video Page.