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Anderson Cooper Comic Book Reflects CNN Anchor’s Life As Openly Gay Journalist

Anderson Cooper Comic Book Reflects CNN Anchor’s Life As Openly Gay Journalist

    So, this is happening. Please tell me he turns into a super hero named Silver Fox! Anderson Cooper will star in his own  comic book. He has become became the subject of Bluewater Production’s latest comic book. The biographical project will be released on June 19 and is titled “Political Power.” The book will reflect his

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Stefon Marries Anderson Cooper On Bill Hader’s Last Show: SNL VIDEO

  Oh know she (SNL) didn’t. SNL out did themselves last night with awesomeness. I need time to absorb and cherish the brilliance of last nights show. Bye-bye  Stefon, see you at the club. Huff Post writes: With the announcement that this season of “Saturday Night Live” is Bill Hader’s last, the troubling news only

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A Gay Agenda’s LGBTQ Weeks Re-Cap Video: Brian Sims, Pat Brady, Lady Gaga, Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin and Calendar Giveaway

New Youtube Channel, A Gay Agenda’s week recap of the first week of January. Jay and Mike claim that this project is a work in progress, but it’s looking pretty damn great so far we think! Folks featured in this weeks episode. Brian Sims, Pat Brady, Lady Gaga, Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin and more. Get one

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Anderson Cooper Gets Tickled by Paul Rudd’s Pickle: Watch

  My love for Paul Rudd grows and grows (yes, just like an engorged penis). Check out this delightful video of Paul Rudd squirting pickle juice on Anderson Cooper.

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Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen Chomp on 26 Pound Python: Video

Anderson and co-host Andy Cohen took a bite out of a giant edible gummy Party Python that weighs 26+ pounds and is almost 8-feet long! Dare we say TV’s favorite gays? It is handmade in the USA using 12 pounds of sugar and is available to purchase in two dual-flavor combinations (Red Cherry & Blue Raspberry and


Anderson Cooper TV Show Dropped: Sad Face

Well this totally blows, but yeah the show wasn’t as good as Anderson is. We are big supporters of Mr Cooper and excited to see what he will do next. Anderson Cooper, one of America’s most high-profile gay TV presenters, has expressed his disappointment at the cancellation of his daytime talk show. Despite an attempt

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Jake Gyllenhaal Talks with Anderson Cooper about Police Ride-Alongs: Web Exclusive Video

New addition of Hi Jake! Actor Jake Gyllenhaal opens up about going on police ride-alongs as part of his preparation for the upcoming film “End of Watch,” in which he plays a police officer. Movie trailer at bottom of page.   ‪http://www.andersoncooper.com‬ ‪http://www.twitter.com/anderson‬live ‪http://www.facebook.com/anderson‬ ‪http://anderson.tumblr.com‬ ‪http://pinterest.com/andersontv/‬ ‪http://www.youtube.com/anderson‬live

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Anderson Cooper and Boyfriend Ben Maisani’s Relationship Animated by Taiwan’s Next Media Animation

World Famous Animated News from Taiwan’s  Next Media Animation is my totally favorite crazy thing. Did I say crazy, I meant genius. Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend is cheating! Oh wait, maybe not. Open relationship as people call it. Anderson Cooper’s  boyfriend Ben Maisani was photographed kissing an unidentified male in the New York’s Central Park. Anderson Cooper, the

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Taiwan’s NMA Animates Anderson Cooper comes out: Brilliantly Odd, Freakishly Entertaining Video

Brilliantly odd, freakishly entertaining. Animated News, made in Taiwan animates Mr Coopers coming out by making fun of the fact everybody already knew. Give the silver fox a break folks. Shame on you! Anderson Cooper revealed he was gay in an email published by Andrew Sullivan in the Daily Beast on Monday. “The fact is,


Anderson Cooper’s Message to Andrew Sullivan: “The Fact Is, I’m Gay.”

Read below and intense and honest email sent to Andrew Sullivan of The Dish from one of our faves, the silver fox himself, Anderson Cooper. Andrew says “as a friend for more than two decades. I asked him (Cooper) for his feedback on this subject ( emerging trend: gay people in public life who come out in a much


Anderson Cooper Talks to World’s Tallest Man About Being Bullied as Youth: PHOTO

America’s tallest man, Igor Vovkovinskiy, tells Anderson he was six feet tall at age 7, and was bullied as a child. Tune in to “Anderson” to see the original broadcast on Tuesday, May 29th.   Subscribe to our channel: ‪http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=anderson‬

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Anderson Cooper Calls Guest, The “Human Barbie” Dreadful (Love it!) Video

It was the first time this season Anderson cut an interview short. Take a look the moment when Anderson stopped the cameras and called this witch dreadful to her face. Right on Anderson! Anderson abruptly ended an interview with Sarah Burge, who holds the Guinness World Record for undergoing the most plastic surgeries. Watch to find

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Anderson Cooper Dominated Jeopardy on Friday, Winning $50,000 for The Trevor Project (Video)

2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate …… Anderson Cooper! Watch Anderson at rehearsal and after he competed for the third time on “Jeopardy!” Watch Alex Trebek call out Anderson for not eating his veggies all before Anderson Cooper dominated  Jeopardy on Friday, winning $50,000 for The Trevor Project.  

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Woman Works Through Unnatural Phobia of Store Mannequins on Anderson Cooper Show

Today’s “Anderson” takes a look at people’s phobias, including Jasmine and her fear of store mannequins and large statues. Shopping must be a bitch! Poor thing.


Anderson Cooper Meets 37-lb Pussy, Meow (Video)

Overweight cat Meow, whose 87-year-old owner could no longer care for him, was brought to the “Anderson” stage. Co-host Kristen Johnston commented, “Meow’s literally looking at me like, ‘You could be lunch.’” Tune in to “Anderson” to see the original broadcast on Monday, April 30. Subscribe to our channel: ‪http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=anderson‬

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Anderson Cooper Cracks Up Over Dyngus Day (Video)

Oh how we love to see our gay male version of Rachel Maddow (but not as smart) Anderson Cooper giggle! CNN’s Anderson Cooper adds people who missed out on the holiday Dyngus Day to the RidicuList.

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Anderson Cooper with Worlds Smallest Puppy Named Beyonce (Video)

Anderson meets Beyonce, a 3-week-old rescue pup who may be one of the world’s smallest dogs. 1, 2, 3 … Awwwwwe!

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Ashley Judd: ‘The Vanna White of Condoms’ on Talks with Anderson Cooper (Video)

Because of her advocacy role for education on reproductive health, Ashley Judd has dubbed herself “The Vanna White of condoms.” Ashley will commonly do is public demonstrations of correct and consistent  condom use. She has anatomical representations of the male genitalia in wood.  Watch more below

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Miss Piggy Gets Anderson Cooper to Try on Wigs for a Hot New Look (Video)

After watching a montage of Miss Piggy’s looks over the years, it’s discovered that Anderson Cooper has always ever had, one look. Watch as The Muppets star tries to mix up Anderson’s current look with wigs.  


Anderson Cooper, Adele Bake Cupcakes And Talk Wigs On ’60 Minutes’ (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper and Adele make for quite the double act. Adele, as we all know, is officially having a moment, what with her Vogue cover and best-selling album and, last but not least, the overflowing parcel of Grammys she won on Sunday night. In a neat bit of corporate synergy, she also sat down with Cooper for a “60 Minutes”

Still together: Chloe (left), who was born male, as Ted, was married to Renee (right) for eight years and had two children before deciding to become a woman  Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2098442/My-husband-wife-Couple-reveal-extraordinary-story--started-bee-sting.html#ixzz1ltbganp7

My Husband Became My Wife: Transgender Woman Reveals How a Bee sting Led to Her Sex Change

This is for sure an example of, unless you have walked in my shoes, don’t judge.   A transgender woman has told her remarkable story of how the woman she married as a man stood by her through her sex change. Chloe Prince, who was born male, as Ted, was happily married to Renee for


Anderson Cooper’s Two-Millionth Twitter Follower NYC Trip Giveaway

Oh Me Me Me, hand raised to the sky. Anderson is about to hit a big milestone on Twitter — his 2 millionth follower! To celebrate, the “Anderson” team is giving one of Anderson’s (@AndersonCooper) Twitter followers a trip to New York to see the show, plus, an opportunity to make an appearance on “Anderson.” View complete


Coming Out Stories as Cultural Capital: Anderson Cooper Out Due to Peer Pressure?

Is Anderson Cooper going to fold to peer pressure to swing through the closet doors and come out? Now he is being accused that he will come out to improve the ratings of his television show that is getting so-so ratings. Why not? It’s his project, his decision. Hey, stay out of my uterus and

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Anderson Cooper Give Advice to Budding Journalists(Video)

An audience member on Anderson Cooper’s day time talk show asked him if he had any tips for a budding Journalists. Anderson’s answer basically boiled down to, hard work and long hours.  He went on to name his favorite journalists and those who have influenced him. Well no, I was never mentioned, so immediately think it was

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Don’t F*#%k with Our Anderson Cooper: Rick Perry Booed For Going After Cooper At Republican Debate

As the circus continues, the GOP presidential debates, nothing is surprising. Expect the unexpected. Rick Perry cuts Anderson Cooper off with a “bitch slap of words,” which arouses the audience and stirs up a few boos. I am sure Rick Perry was afraid that Cooper was going to out wit him and make him look like

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Anderson Cooper Steps Up- Bullying It Stops Here: The Bully Project (Videos)

From the campus at Rutgers University, Anderson Cooper talks about bullying with guests Rosalind Wiseman (Bullying Expert), Robert Faris, Kelly Ripa, Dr. Phil McGraw, Sean Feeney (Principal at The Wheatley School), Bullied kids from Anoka-Hennepin School District, Jane Lynch, Sunny Hostin, Lee Hirsch (The Bully Project), Dr. Maurice Elias & Stuart Snyder (Cartoon Network).  


Queer News: Anderson Cooper, Obama At HRC Dinner, Choose Your Pronoun, DADT Repeal in Action

Obama At HRC Dinner: GOP Presidential Candidates Must ‘Stand Up’ For Gay Soldiers   OBAMA: We don’t believe in that. We don’t believe in standing silent when that happens. We dont’ believe in them being silent since. You want to be commander in chief, you can start by standing up for the men and women who


Tweeted: Anderson Cooper Walks the Street with His Hairiest Fan in NYC


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Breaking News: Anderson Cooper Eats Spinach for the First Time

I liked Mr Cooper before I saw so much of him. His mystery is slipping away and he is starting to be nails on a chalk board. My prediction: Anderson Cooper’s television show won’t last for a full season. I am prepared to eat my words if he succeeds. Mike Enders 

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Video: Shirtless Anderson Cooper Turns into a Juice Head for Snooki & Gets a Spray Tan

“Jersey Shore” cast member Snooki takes Anderson Cooper spray tanning on an episode of his new talk show, “Anderson.” Cooper takes it all off and Snooki comments on his peanuts. He’s quite adorable, even though he’s hairless and all.    

Sunday Fluff: Anderson Cooper Visits Google, Grizzly Attack, Double-Amputee Sprinter, Hudson Taylor…

Anderson Cooper visits Google’s NYC office to discuss his new daytime talk show and answer questions from YouTube fans around the world moderated by Steve Grove. This event took place on August 24, 2011, as part of the @Google Talks series. Hudson Taylor Wants To Make It Better Straight ally Hudson Taylor, an All-American wrestler known

Anderson Cooper Lose It on Live TV (CNN): Cute!

Our Anderson Cooper loses himself to a number two joke and giggles like a school girl. I claimed him as ours, yes I did. Before signing off each night, Anderson Cooper concludes AC360 with a segment called the “Ridiculist,” during which he comments on some trivial bit of news or pop culture. It’s a chance

September 12th, Anderson Cooper Kicks off Anderson, His Daytime Talk Show

Anderson, I love-hate you. Lets see if your daytime talk show sways opinion to one side or the other. (via www.afterelton.com) If Anderson Cooper isn’t already one of the busiest journalists working in television today, he’s certainly about to be: on September 12, Cooper kicks off Anderson, his daytime talk show. While sitting in the Beverly Hilton

Handpicked News: Gay Comic Character, Studio Lot to Get Rainbow, Larry King Wants to Marry Anderson Cooper…

Gay Comic Character to Get More Play Kevin Keller, the gay pal of Archie, Betty, and Veronica, is going to get more ink: Next year he’ll star in a monthly comic in which he becomes president of his Riverdale High School class, and the ongoing Life With Archieseries will delve into Kevin’s future — including his marriage. Kevin,

Handpicked News: Why I Hate Being Gay, Anderson Cooper, Pilot’s Antigay Rant …

The Silliness of Weinergate Porn entrepreneur and Advocate columnist Michael Lucas says sex scandals like Anthony Weiner’s are ridiculous, but it’s the politicians’ own reactions that are even more problematic. READ MORE By Michael Lucas Why I Hate Being Gay! 62 Reasons! By Michael Musto Wednesday, Jun 22 2011 You assume the Super Bowl is a large household item at Pottery Barn. … Your

Anderson Cooper Comes Out With Website: Sounds a Bit Dull

http://andersoncooper.com/index.php#photos By Advocate.com Editors Anderson Cooper has unveiled an interactive website to promote his upcoming daytime talk show, Anderson. A photo slide show on the site depicts Cooper being introduced to the studio audience and taking questions about his childhood and his life as a reporter, among other topics. Clips from the Q&A will be

Ask the Expert: Is Anderson Cooper’s closet really about bias?

Anderson Cooper is one of those men I haven’t really spent any time thinking about. He doesn’t fly into my radar. People get so angry when a gay public figure doesn’t go public tell everyone how GAY they are. Him being a flaming homosexual is not his job, reporting the news is his job. I