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FAB.COM SALE: Alexander Guerra Provocative Bunny-Masked Portraits Jan 10-12  SALE: Alexander Guerra Provocative Bunny-Masked Portraits Jan 10-12 only! Big news! Artist Alexander Guerra has told us that he has something special for our readers here at Accidental Bear. If you email  Alexander: or Facebook  message him along with making a purchase you will get an added surprise. Oh, geez I LOVE SURPRISES! Everything that Alexander Guerra touches […]


Alexander Guerra Provocative Self-Portraits: 3 Day Major Sale

Alexander Guerra: Provocative Self-Portraits As a child Alexander Guerra dreamed of becoming a model. Now the young Miami Beach artist makes work that takes on our culture’s obsession with the body. Shot in exotic locales, Guerra’s rabbit-masked self-portrait photographs blend humor, irony and eroticism in a cinematic style that is both beautiful and unsettling.     The sale is set for Sept […]