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Adrien Brody Locks Lips With PacoVolume In His New Music Video “Olaf & Paul”

  Adrien Brody is featured in French artist PacoVolume’s newest music video, Olaf & Paul. The music video is directed by Jack-Antoine Charlot and follows “the poetic story of the uncontrollable love between two men, who are worlds apart”. I don’t think I have ever mentioned my crush on Adrien Brody and his magnificent nose. Follow […]


Prada Autumn/Winter 2012 Sends Oldman, Brody & Dafoe Down the Runway

DOUBLE TAKE!  ” Bring in some top tier actors to assist. That is exactly what Prada has done with their menswear runway show today for Autumn Winter 2012. Aside from the great fashion, Prada brought into town actors Garrett Hedlund, Alex Carril, Victor Carril, Jamie Bell, Emile Hirsch, Timothy Roth, William Dafoe, Adrien Brody, and finally, Gary Oldman. It is a mega list from a mega brand.” Selectism