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Watch: Australian Marriage Equality Ad Quickly Debunks Anti-Equality Arguments: Video

A new ad from the Australian Marriage Equality campaign highlights several of the typical arguments made against same-sex marriage, including procreation, “religious freedom,” defending the institution of marriage, and settling for civil unions. As people across the world continue to become acquainted with the lives and families of same-sex couples, ads like this will become artifacts from […]

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Graphic Anti-Smoking Ad Feature Hideously Scarred Cancer Victims

There are two things that blow my mind that any educated well adjusted adult will do with there free will, tan in tanning beds and smoke cigarettes. No sympathy for their consequences. A hard-hitting publicity campaign will show the American public the horrific effects of smoking when disturbing footage of cancer victims is aired across […]

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Cyndi Lauper Unhappy “True Colors” Used in Romney Attack Ad

This is a low blow to Lauper! Iconic entertainer Cyndi Lauper, whose song “True Colors” has become synonymous with the advancement of LGBT equality, is unhappy about its unauthorized use in a negative political campaign ad. Lauper has released a statement, saying: “Yesterday, I learned that my version of ‘True Colors’ was used in a […]