Portland Electronic Duo Microfilm Release 4th Studio Album “1,000,000 Neon Hz”

“Portland electronic duo Microfilm release their fourth studio album, 1,000,000 Neon Hz this July. These ten tracks showcase a cleaner, leaner sound than their previous album AggroPastels, and pays tribute to the duo’s electropop heroes, a reverence for techno, a steady four-to-the-floor rhythm section and, a psychedelic eye on the dance floor.”   Purchase album on:  iTunes | Bandcamp Follow Microfilm on Twitter and Facebook  

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Totally NSFW Enjoyment: GayPimp Jonny McGovern Gives Us Pecker Dance to Celebrate Twitter Milestone

Hollywood singer Jonny McGovern also known as GayPimp  thanks and celebrates fans for reaching 10,000 followers on  Twitter by making sexy young thing give us the pecker dance of a life time in some of the tiniest white shorts you have ever seen. So, who ever that 10,000th follower is, thank you from the bottom of our groin. […]