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Tactical Beard Owners Club: Facebook Group For Guns and Facial Hair?

By NO means am I an advocate for guns, but I find this way to bizarre not to point out. I personally would be afraid to own a gun because I would use it; On the guy who cuts in front  of me on the sidewalk, on the rude barista , on the late pizza delivery guy, on my neighbors dog that never shuts the fuck up etc, you feel me?  Here is a FACEBOOK group for men who like to shoot guns and have facial hair. How exclusive and homoerotic!

Tactical Beard Owners Club

Facebook members who like to shoot guns and sport awesome facial hair take heart. There is finally a group for you. The Tactical Beard Owners Club is an invite only group but it is THE place to be if you a rocking a beard. Although many members are German, most communications are in English. They’ve even developed their first run of commemorative patches with different versions for different beard colors.



From the group:
The “Tactical Beard”: No matter if it is “Face Kevlar” or a “Combat Beard”, a beard separates boys from men: the more testosterone the more beard will grow and the more he puts up in a fight. True men let grow their beard to let the dust from foreign countries settle in it. A man with beard will be respected by his battle buddies and will be feared by his enemies.


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