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Sydney Australia: Yunus Chkirate to exhibit his “Modernized” Collection

Ozzie Olympian Ji Wallace Encourages

Celebrated Canadian Artist

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Yunus Chkirate to exhibit his “MODERNIZED” Collection


Ji Wallace personally persuaded his friend and illustrious Canadian artist, Yunus Chkirate to come to Australian and exhibit his latest daring art collection during the Sydney Mardi Gras. Known for his bold, large size, emotionally charged paintings, Yunus produced a brand new group entitled “MODERNIZED” for this event.

Photos courtesy of Paul Andre Larocque/Punk Studios  ( Modernized Punk Series )
Photos courtesy of Paul Andre Larocque/Punk Studios ( Modernized Punk Series )

Sexually charged bodies explode with massive abstract strokes like the flowing emotions of their subject matter. This work focuses on understanding love, sex and relationships through a series of paintings that represent the artist’s theory on the social impacts of life and interactions. “MODERNIZED” explores the eternal lover, the habitual dater, the serial monogamous lover and the insatiable promiscuous partner and how they are affected by the influences of constant social media.

“I feel that love and relationship issues are accelerated with the advent of virtual electronic options for LGBTQ people to interact on social levels using the latest apps and dating sites,” says Chkirate. “MODERNIZED” explores how the cyber revolution has affected gay relationships.” Through his art work Yunus offers his theories and thoughts:

The One who Stood Out

“This persona says he’s never truly been in love before. That he made a decision that he would only have pleasure in his life, but never commitment. After all the random affairs and sexual adventures, one person strikes something in him that he needs to pursue. This sentiment he can’t control…How does this happen? What qualities stood out from the others that now make him say the words that he is in love? Is this what we secretly long for by connecting ourselves to all these sites and applications… finding this kindred soul that we’re meant for?” says Yunus.

Ji Wallace and Yunus Chkirate met in Montreal

While in Montreal a couple of years ago Ji Wallace met Yunus Chkirate, a young, cool and emotive artist. “His work stopped me dead in my tracks and spoke volumes to my emotional heart,” says Ji. “Instantly I wanted to hang one of his huge bright paintings on my wall. Surprisingly I felt a personal connection to his aesthetic that speaks so loudly. His work is full of life, stories and truth. Passionate, vivid color and striking lines give one a sense of the artist himself. I felt that Australians and Mardi Gras goers in particular, must experience his unique and original creativity.”

Yunus set up a studio in Darlinghurst to complete “MODERNIZED”, where he integrated special portraits of Ji and his husband Shawn Baldwin into the masterpiece collection. “I donate a portion of all of my exhibits to an HIV related charity,” says Yunus.  “For this show, I am thrilled to help Ji Wallace fund a project that will take a group of HIV positive children to Disneyland.”

Special video created for Mardi Gras Exhibit


Yunus created a special video for this event collaborating with award-winning Canadian photographer, Paul André Larocque. “It’s a mixture of photo-layouts with movements, graphic design and paint used to interpret Yunus’ subject of universal love.” says Larocque. 

About the Artist: Facebook Page

Yunus Chkirate is a sought after portrait painter who creates bold, large size, emotionally charged paintings, that are collected internationally. He developed a unique painting technique using only palette knives. . Yunus Chkirate is represented by Kat Coric.


Depot II Gallery

2 Danks Street

Waterloo NSW 2017

Telephone 9319 – 5185

Exhibition Dates: February 25 – March 1, 2014

Opening Cocktail: February 25, 4 – 8:30PM

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