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Sxip Shirey – “Cinnamon Stick” feat. Xavier

Watch the new music from Sxip Shirey for “Cinnamon Stick” featuring Xavier.
Music and lyrics by Sxip Shirey
From the album “A Bottle of Whiskey and a Handful of Bees”coming out January 13, 2017 on VIA Records

Sxip Shirey says, “I wrote this groove and was sitting in my apartment in the East Village. I loved the groove. ‘This needs some words,’ I thought and looked up at the bland wall and started thinking about Xavier. I often write for the singers I’m working with. “You don’t know the trouble I’m in / I’ve been sucking on that Cinnamon…” The words came quick. I cut a demo of me singing them and sent it to him via e-mail. Xavier wrote back immediately: ‘OMG!!’ And then… ‘You know I prefer vanilla beans…’”  Via Glide Mag

Video from VIA Records. Produced by Sxip Shirey and Don Godwin

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