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A serial entrepreneur and former financial advisor, Jean Titus discovered his purpose and passion through the heartache of losing loved ones far too early. He lives his mantra – “We rise by lifting others” – daily as a life coach and Personal Trainer.  Jean brings a simplicity and practicality to his work, helping clients draw on their strengths to realize the one thing money can’t buy – good health and wellness.

Crediting his mother and physician father with instilling in him the importance of integrity and hard work, Jean firmly believes the path to happiness requires health, character and a strong sense of self. He comes by his entrepreneurial spirit naturally, with his mother having launched and operated several businesses. Her example, along with an uncle in banking, sparked an early interest in business that led Jean to studying accounting and a career in financial advising and investing, as well as a series of successful businesses. In addition to his coaching and personal training practice, he currently owns Black by Jean LeVere, a custom clothier.

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