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Accidental Bear Presents : Support Queer Merch Episode 2:

Over the past year we have received a large amount of amazing samples of items ranging from tank tops to jocks straps to coffee table books to stuffed animals etc by queer artist from around the world. And all I can think about is more people need to see this stuff! So think QVC with the focus on queer owned and made companies from around the world. To clarify, by queer I don’t mean explicitly gay, but out of the box or other than mainstream. Because straight people make a whole lot of awesome shit too.

In this episode we feature the new cook book, the first book, “Sweet Alchemy”, from Top Chef Desserts Season 1 winner Yigit Pura and photographer Josh Nece’s “Queering – The Activity Book

Music by the Ramones ” Somebody Put Something in My Drink”

See Episode 1 :  Los Angeles’ HunTees Clothing Feat. Artist Glen Hanson Photographed by Mike Enders

Be sure to watch in HD for best quality!


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Queering – The Activity Book
Josh Nece Photography on Facebook


“Sweet Alchemy” by Yigit Pura
Buy HERE on Amazon

Yigit Pura on Facebook



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