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After just a few years of running Accidental Bear Website, my online presence is growing and growing and now reaches all corners of the globe. Through daily content I share, inform, and promote news, art, culture, music and a whole lot of sexy, and possibly the fastest growing queer website on the planet.

In addition to the site and most exciting for me is the creating of the original content and videos. I LIVE and breathe making fun and informative videos!


The site is queer-centric but for all men (as long as they are wicked cool and comfortable with their sexuality!)

I run and operate the award winning web site from ground up, creating and gathering all content, web site design, interviews, editing, all social media, you name it I’m on it and LOVE every second of it.

You really can say you heard it here first! I often report on breaking stories first and introduce you to new artist and musicians before any other sites will even touch them.


Video content falls into the following categories: Music Video Recaps, Travel Videos, bath tub interview, interviews, LGBTQ focussed Vodcast “This Town” that is becoming the hot spot for traveling and local  celebrities, artists, musicians, performers, politicians, and porn stars, to stop in and chat about their newest adventures and hot topics! My newest and proud baby I have written and working on is the Web Series “This Town: San Francisco,” which is comedy based and focussed on real time San Francisco issues and events. Let’s make it the bomb together! I have an abundance of content that I am always working on, fun videos and original content, and with your help I will be able to create them for you.

How your contribution will help:

With help from Patreons I will be able to get better sound and audio equipment, a real filmmaker other than my trip-pod, and a professional editor to put together kick ass high quality videos. Ongoing for Accidental Bear Site, updated software so you can enjoy the best looking and enjoyable site out there as well as contributors to help bring in more content. The great thing is, that with your contributions you will be directly helping and will see the site and my videos getting better and better!

Future Goals: Bring in contributors to focus on areas in LGBTQ politics, men’s health, men’s fashion, and music. The ultimate goal is to expand and grow the site and videos, to compete with the top most reputable sites in the country. All the potential is there and we can do it together!

It’s a real simple process! Click Become a Patreon button and you will be walked through the process!

“I am working hard to create more and original connoted including my weekly video series “This Town.”  I have a dream of creating a hit weekly show, SNL meets Colbert, meets Strangers with Candy, meets Looking, with a queer twist How awesome does that sound? With your help I can make it happen!”  Mike Enders

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