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Sui Generis’ Tips For Dressing Up for Holiday Parties: Accidental Bear Get’s Regal Makeover: Photos by Joe Mazza


Holiday Party at Home
Before the makeover

Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders gets the royal treatment at San Francisco’s menswear store Sui Generis and it’s all caught on film by the acclaimed photographer Joe Mazza. Dressing up for Mike usually means tucking his t-shirt into his dirty blue jeans. We’ve decided to get him some tips from the professionals. We reached out to Sui Generis owner Miguel Lopez for some simple tips and advice on how to dress for different occasions during the holidays including: At home party, Cocktail party and the ever so important New Years Eve. Cheers.

We asked Miguel 5 basic questions:

When dressing up for the holidays is there a common mistake? 

 Miguel Lopez: Avoid at all cost looking like you are confused about what season you are supposed to dress for wearing inappropriate outfits or mixing spring/summer items (linen, light weight cottons, summer shoes, straw hats, etc.) with your winter wardrobe.

When to do a tie versus a bow tie? 

Miguel Lopez: Personally we consider bow ties as more fun or for special events and ties are bit more serious and formal, so I guess just depends on the personality/mood of the person that is going to wear it or the event to attend.

Holiday Party at Home
Holiday Party at Home

What are some rules when picking a bow tie? You mentioned size to me when were chatting?

Miguel Lopez: Most bow ties are standard size nowadays so size is not a big issue but if you happen to have a very short neck we would recommend a skinny bow tie versus an oversized one which should be common sense. We think it is more important the pairing of colors, and the mixing of the patterns when putting things together with the other clothing that you’re going to wear. (shirt, sport coat, vest, etc.) And the size of the bow should never be longer that your face width (make a -V- with your hands ).

Is it better to show up over dressed or under dressed to an occasion?

Miguel Lopez: Overdressed of course, and if someone is curious about why you are overdressed just say that you have a more important party/event to attend afterwards. (Smiles)

Any other tips for us for dressing up for the holiday season? 

Miguel Lopez: Make sure to add a touch of color to any dark or monochromatic outfit like a bright scarf, bow tie or pocket square to and all black ensemble. It will read more cheerful and special. And avoid looking like you are confused about what season you are supposed to dress for.

Be sure to stop into  Sui Generis when  San Francisco and chat up knowledgeable staff for all fashion questions and needs.

Holiday Cocktail Party
Holiday Cocktail Party
Holiday Cocktail Party “The Big Jump”
Holiday Cocktail Party
New Years Eve
New Years Eve
New Years Eve
New Years Eve

Below find behind the scenes editorial:

Photographer: Joe Mazza

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Styling by Sui Generis

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