Stream Björk’s “Utopia”

Here you go. What you’ve all been waiting for. Listen to Björk’s Utopia. Once again Björk out does herself.

“After the storm comes a clearer, brighter morning. In 2015, Björk channelled a painful breakup into the dark, tumultuous Vulnicura. On this follow-up, she turns toward warmth and optimism. With flutes and harps weaved around glitchy electronics and sampled voices, her music is as expressive and unique as her vocals. “The Gate” welcomes love back into her heart amid a hymnal, delicate soundscape, and the sense of a new dawn is accented in the birdsong that hops across graceful flute melodies on the title track. “Sue Me” returns to the sorrow and recrimination of broken love, but where there was once vulnerability and despair, Björk now seems charged with resilience.” iTunes 


Utopia is out now on One Little Indian. Purchase it HERE