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Stereogamous Feat. Shaun J Wright: “Face Love Anew” Video by Leo Herrera

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This is what you might call a collaboration of powerhouses.

VINYL  (includes remixes by Jason Kendig and Discodromo)


directed by Jeremy Stewart. Still and Moving
filmed by Leo Herrera. Herrera Images.
DIGITAL available through all outlets: Beatport, Juno, iTunes, Amazon & more (includes remixes by Horse Meat Disco, Kim Ann Foxman (Needwant), The Miracle’s Club (Ecstacy), and The Carry Nation (NYC)

World’s Most Revered Counterculture Queer DJ’s, Producers, and Club Promoters Collaborate on an Industry First. A song that emanates hope, love and optimism from the global underground dance scene nearly destroyed by the AIDS Holocaust

Presented by CockTail d’Amore (Berlin) and Honey Soundsystem’s HNYTRX (SF) Produced by Stereogamous (Sydney) featuring vocals by Shaun J. Wright (Chicago)

For each of the collectives, DJs, and producers involved with the new single Face Love Anew, it’s not about being the biggest party or topping the charts. Their endeavors are next generation artistic projects with a focus on community, culture, activism, and queer history. While each are very successful in their own right, coming together in this way for Face Love Anew is not only a show of support for the single, it’s the first time this global gay underground music scene and community have been linked together with a single focus.

In the face of AIDS, survival was the first and only priority of the queer community for many years. While still a major threat the world over, we are able to once again regain our focus on the art and influence that was nearly wiped out in the 1980s. An entire artistic generation and their potential creative and vibrant contributions to the world, from Keith Haring, to Freddy Mercury to Sylvester, were lost during the AIDS Holocaust. In 2012, we are truly “facing love anew.”

With a renewed faith, optimism, and polysexual vision the next generation of queer counterculture is channeling the past while catapulting dance culture into the future. Whether it’s hosting hottest dance destinations in the world, or DJing the intimate parties where DJs go to dance, the talent working on Face Love Anew are sought out the world over for their deviant sound, style, and production techniques. From the Panaroma Bar at the Berghain in Berlin, to Club Kooky in Sydney, to Honey Soundsystem in San Francisco, these promoters and musicians are influencing the influencers in music.

For this industry first single, this is the debut collaboration of the biggest names in the counterculture queer music scene. Inspired by the amazing live vocals from the birth of disco (reminiscent of Sylvester and Patrick Cowley dance tracks) combined with Chicago House, Face Love Anew is an ode to the musical past and with an arrow pointed into the future.

“The collaboration has been a longtime coming as everyone involved in the release has a lot in common over the past five years and we have been collaborating in all sorts of ways with the core goal of forwarding the underground house/techno sound and reputation of queer nightlife,” said Jacob Sperber of HNYTRX. “We decided to come together on this single because not only do we love the song, but we also saw an opportunity for this to be an anthem for a movement in club culture / dance music that has been highly invisible to the mainstream since the 70s and 80s.”

For Face Love Anew, Stereogamous recruited the vocal talents of Shaun J. Wright –most notable for his moving live vocal sets, contributions to Hercules and Love Affair, and his own solo release on Mr. INTL records–to give us a peak dance track that slowly envelops you, building from classic four-to-the-floor house into a spectacular psychedelic headrush where optimism prevails.

The release has garnered support from The Magician, Terry Farley, Mike Servito, Claude Young, DJ Kaos, Robert Owens, Doc Martin, Groove Armada and Dirt Crew and is making it onto many #1 top ten lists for December.

Building on a string of homosexually charged remixes with a polysexual club appeal, including LCD Soundsystem’s “I Can Change” and Light Asylum’s “A Certain Person,” Stereogamous has been commissioned by George Michael, Kylie Minogue and Sia, as well as breaking independent acts MEN (JD Samson) Rodeo and We Have Band. Having given live acts like the Presets their start, Stereogamous’s auditory experience, appeal, and influence goes beyond the realm of digital/club-only musical experiences. With this track, future live performances will punctuate the gravity of this track around the world, giving it another dimension of interaction, touching down wherever inspiration prevails in dance culture.


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