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Soldiers March in Uniform at San Diego Pride Parade: Video


“On Saturday in San Diego, active-duty soldiers marched in uniform for the first time at an LGBT pride parade. The military contingent was the crowd favorite, attracting the loudest cheers and most picture requests from the 200,000 attendees. In the weeks preceding the parade, military members were unsure if their respective branch of services would approve their plans to march in uniform, as required by law. On Thursday, the Department of Defense announced that all members of the military were approved to carry through their plans. “I think everybody wants to make it a gay thing, but it’s just an American thing,” Sean Sala, a former Navy Sailor who organized the parade’s military contingent, said of the historic day. “These are people that have laid down their lives for their country…and they deserve recognition for their service regardless of their sexuality.’ ” VIA


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