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#SmartSexyStrongSilver | Conversation with Michael, 65 Yr Old Vibrant SF Poet and Playwright

Writer Michael McDonagh, 65, and I sat down for a casual conversation for the #SmartSexyStrongSilver campaign (All info Here), to shed a light on what life is like for a vibrant LGBT Senior living in 2016. Fears, sex life, support, activities, his 20’s, coming out and much more. The goal is to build a bridge between different generations of LGBT people and to make sure LGBT Elders are aging gracefully and informed as possible, connecting them with the available resources out there.

After our conversation Michael modeled our powerful “Silver Fist” campaign tee shirt designed by Timscapes. Whether you are #SmartSexyStrongSilver or an admirer, join the conversation by wearing the shirt proud. $10 from every t-shirt sold will be donated to the fantastic organization doing amazing work for the LGBTQ Elder Community, SAGE (Service and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Elders).


Find some of Michael’s poetry on, Bay Area Reporter, and Culture Vulture.

McDonagh has collaborated with artists from different disciplines. Composers Lisa Scola Prosek and the late Gerhard Samuel. Pianist Ric Louchard. Director Zack successfully translated his poem for three speaking voices ” touch and go ” to the stage. Actors Sophie Holman premiered his “Sight Unseen — a theatre piece for one performer “at New York’s, and Hermann Eppert and McDonagh did a film version in Berlin which can be seen on HERMPERT GOOGLE +. He has done tow limited edition books with painter . And he worked with 3 ace videographers — Donovan Bauer, Peter Hibdon, and Jose Luis Garcia Nava — on his first film ALEX NORTH VIVA ZAPATA! 2010 which he wrote and directed, and which premiered 3 May 2010 in Puebla, Mexico, with playing live to it..

All photos were taken by Mike Enders

Enders and Timscapes have created this new powerful image of a fist with variations of white, grey, and silver, with a classic, bold, and very recognizable Timscapes duct tape design. Buy yours HERE at the AXXIDENTAL Online Store. The campaign will be on-going, as should the conversation of LGBTQ Elders and Aging. All LGBTQ Elders and Aging are you and I.

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