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Slamdance to Premiere Debut Feature by Transgender Filmmaker Lyle Kash –

Death and Bowling, a feature film made by more than 40 transgender artists and their collaborators, just dropped a trailer on vimeo, watch below, and announced their WORLD PREMIERE to be held March 29th at 6:30PM at ArcLight Hollywood hosted by Slamdance as part of the inaugural Slamdance Emergence LA festival. Tickets to the premiere can be purchased here:

Transparent producer and filmmaker Zackary Drucker will present the film and host a Q and A following the screening.

Death and Bowling is trans LA writer/director Lyle Kash’s debut film. Kash’s team goes by the name T4T Productions. T4T stands for “trans for trans”, an abbreviation born out of bygone Craigslist personals ads. 

In a February 27th interview in The Advocate, Kash notes, “usually, I say that Death and Bowling is the story of two trans men who meet at the funeral of the captain of a lesbian bowling league in Los Angeles. On paper, it is definitely about that. But Death and Bowling is just as much about that as it is a coming-of-age tale of a leather jacket. Put another way, it’s a straightforward story about what it’s like to have holes.”

The production team behind the film is committed to putting trans people in front of and behind the camera lens, and casting trans people in both trans and non-trans character roles.

“We created a set in which trans people have creative autonomy, access to the film industry, and control over trans narratives,” comments producer and trans NYC filmmaker Ariel Mahler.  

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From the Slamdance website: “ArcLight Cinemas and Slamdance are proud to present a four-day festival of new films, with a focus on filmmakers and stories from California. The event will also feature live music performances, daily educational workshops and selected works from Slamdance’s (D)igital (I)nteractive (G)aming program.”

Writer/Director Lyle Kash (he/him pronouns) and Co-Producer Ariel Mahler (they/them pronouns) are available for interviews upon request. You can reach Lyle Kash directly at 440 731-0340 or Ariel Mahler at (978) 500-0918. 

Instagram: @deathandbowlingmovie


Twitter: @lylekashtweets