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Singer Michael Van London is the Real Deal! “Downtown” Official Music Video


I had the pleasure of having Los Angeles singer Michael Van London perform at a live music gig I organized last sunday at the Eagle LAAccidental Bear Bust ExtravaGRRRnza (See Photos), and excuse my language, he fucking nailed it. Michael performed as Michael Van London & Big Bad Pony and gave a stadium size performance in this intimate and rowdy atmosphere in LA’s Silverlake.

To everyones delight, Michael Van London brought to stage a very special guest to perform for one of his songs, The Francine Dancer. Read it and weep people, the crowd went wild, see video below of performance.

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All images below are from Michael’s performance at the Accidental Bear Bust ExtravaGRRRnza. Photographs taken by the awesome Matt Baume

Michael Van London & Big Bad Pony

IMG_0801 IMG_0775 IMG_0773 IMG_0761 IMG_0754 IMG_0752

IMG_0750  IMG_0833

IMG_0837 IMG_0848

Francine Dancer



IMG_0878 IMG_0877 IMG_0884 IMG_0887 IMG_0898 IMG_0911



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