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Singer Brandon Anderson Has a Message “Wake Up” A Rallying Cry Against Apathy and a Call for Change

We are thrilled to announce the release of the new album, Guitars & Grievances, by ASCAP award-winning singer/songwriter Brandon Anderson. (

“As “Wake Up,” the lead single from his new album Guitars & Grievances, demonstrates, the urgent wail of talented out singer-songwriter Brandon Anderson should make him a hit with fans of other folk-alt musicians such as Tracy Chapman and Tori Amos.”
-Jeremy Kinser – The Advocate

Released after his first national tour, Brandon is building on his record of music that calls for change and social justice.  His last release, Of The Free (featuring Grammy Award winner Michael Leonhart) written in response to the anti-equality laws being pushed in our country, was called a “rare song [that] can speak on a political issue without the hint of preaching or condescension… with heart wrenching emotion and lyrics.” (iTunes Review)

Brandon Anderson was born a storyteller.  Raised a Midwestern Mormon boy along the expanding horizon of Lake Michigan and tempered by the long Wisconsin winters, Brandon quickly learned the value of a story.   Plagued by questions of faith, sexuality, and identity, Brandon looked to the stories of songwriters, authors, and poets to transport him to new horizons, ideas, and new worlds.  Locked in his bedroom, he could be anyone and go anywhere, and that’s when his own stories started to flow.  

Drawn to the voices of New York, Brandon came to write his own story and to reflect the world around him.  Liberated by the wealth of diversity, convergence of ideas, and acceptance, Brandon was finally free to live out his truth.

Now an ASCAP award-winning songwriter, Brandon has become a regular face at New York songwriting staples (The Bitter End, Caffe Vivaldi, Googies Lounge above the Living Room, Waltz Astoria) and has toured nationally, gathering stories in every city and living room.
Inspired by stories and experience from the road, his new album Guitars & Grievances reflects the hardships, grievances, and spirit of the American people. With just his guitar and voice as a guide, he was captured by peoples need to share their stories and find connections in an increasingly isolated world. Drawn to the poets and storytellers of the 60s and 70s and how they became a voice for a generation, Brandon was struck by the similar feelings of isolation and discord in our time. A protest album, Guitars & Grievances also reflects the incredible level of community and compassion that he found while sharing music from coast to coast.
“From the desperate reach of Sinking Slowly to the tender touch of So Much For Love, the album [Guitars & Grievances] is constantly touching your heart, just in different ways, with both a soft stroke and a firm clench.”
-Howard Stump – Soundtrack To My Day
“Wake Up,” the first single, is a rallying cry against apathy and a call for change


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