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Shira releases “Am I Beautiful” Without Hair Music Video

New York based singer/songwriter Shira is released her new video for the track “Am I Beautiful” in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

The video depicts the relationship between the Israeli-American singer/songwriter and her friend Iranian-American photographer-director Shirin Tinati, for whom Shira penned the track when she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Shirin is fortunately in remission now and the two powerful artists came together to create this project that crosses boundaries heritage and hardship. Shirin directing the video feels like the two friends have come full circle.

Video from Shira


Shira says of the track:

“I truly hope everyone will be able to see themselves in this video in those moments when they were empowered by the women in their lives. This female lead music video is a poetic expression of sisterhood and the power of unconditional acceptance, love and creativity to revitalize. We are releasing this video on International Women’s Day as an expression our ability to be there for each other and next to one another when suddenly the smooth flow of our life’s boat gets disrupted”

Born in Rochester, NY, Shira split her time growing up between Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv due to her parents job commitments. A true child of the world, from an early age she was drawn to music and acting as a way to make a connection and these twin passions would accompany her throughout her life.

Now based in New York City, Shira recently starred in the new Off Broadway musical, EVENING-1910 at Axis Theatre to rave reviews. Prior to that, she played the lead in the Off-Broadway production of Solitary Light where she met award winning guitarist and longtime music director of Blondie, Paul Carbonara. As they worked on the musical, which Carbonara co-wrote and arranged, a special music bond was created and Paul signed on to produce Shira’s debut album.

The album was recorded live in a big room in one of the oldest studios in New York City . It was here, a few steps away from John Coltrane ’s personal RCA ribbon microphone, a 9’1” Steinway Grand from the stage at Carnegie Hall and Peter Gabriel ’s multitrack recorder from the sessions for “So”, that the tracks from “Till The Morning Comes” came to life.

Inspired by incredible artists like Joni Mitchell, Johnny Cash, Ingrid Michaelson, Glen Hansard and The Weepies, Till The Sun Comes is a fairy folk album with a touch of country jazz.