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Shedding Light on Depression Symptoms of Men (Video)

2012 is here and let the resolutions begin and end. It’s the time of year to conquer your to-do lists and to-be list’s. Although these may lead to healthier choices and life style changes, they may also lead to you being extremely and unreasonably hard on yourself. You may be stacking yourself up to your neighbor who has a two car garage (with 2 cars), a muscle daddy husband, 2 french bulldogs with perfect markings, a full head of hair, the money to do all his shopping at Whole Foods ($$$) and these overly cheerful hummingbirds circling his home.! First off stop! Second of all these are all external, material things, and unless you dive down deep into his mental state, nerves, heart and blood pressure don’t be all that envious. Don’t get me wrong all those things your neighbor may have are wonderful, but appearance really only skin deep. What would you rather have ,2 french bulldogs with perfect markings or a totally content and happy mind?

Far to many men hide behind shields of possessions, jobs and physicality in hopes to convince themselves that they are ‘good’ and to give off the appearance that “all is well in the hood,” when in reality they are a crumbling mess with rocket high anxiety and crippling depression.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the complex issue of mental issue among men. As our first post, we wanted to get the ball rolling and discussion started. We asked our good friend Dr George Forgan-Smith from The Healthy Bear  Website to give us a quick run down of some possible symptoms of depression. Please join the conversation and add comments below.

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