Sharon Needles Strips Down for Yahoo Music Performance | “Dead Dandelion” and “Dracula”

I must say I’m impressed Ms Sharon Needles. I’d love to see a live performance of her newest album Taxidermy.

Sharon Needles strips down for Yahoo Music Performance. Watch her perform “Dead Dandelion” and “Dracula”

“I’m more Courtney Love than Courtney Act,” Sharon jokes, rocking a stained G.G. Allin T-shirt, Blade Runner/Adam Ant warpaint, and a Pete Burns wig, as she visits Yahoo Music to publicly perform stripped-down, so to speak, for the very first time. “My musical tastes are all over the board. I didn’t hang out with a lot of pop-culture-obsessed gay youth. I hung out with a lot of punks and people in rock bands, and I never identified as one [thing]. The ‘90s genre – you know, the raver, the Goth, the punk – I was so interested in all of it, so my musical tastes ranged from ‘90s punk, U.K. glam, surf-rock, EDM, electronica, industrial… and then, of course, I got my Britney Spears in there, too.”

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