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Seth Green Shaves Beard Bit by Bit for Some Macho New looks: Photos

See how important Twitter is dammit! How else would we have been able to see this progression of Seth Green’s facial hair go from full beard after finishing his latest movie, Sexy Evil Genius, to burly pork chop side burns and handle bar mustache to the regent mustache, to tweaker crazed facial hair to baby face.  reported: As he tweeted the second pic he wrote: “Guys – it grows back. This took four weeks. Playing with facial hair is a fun plus to being a man.” With the third picture he wrote “I’ve officially scared my love @ClareGrant with my shaving antics. Is this more 70′s porn-ish, or present day rapist?” I think it’s present day rapist, but as long as it’s not #legit rape, then that’s the look I’m voting for. Which way do you prefer him? we vote for full beard or regent stache.’

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