Selene Vigil (7 Year Bitch) Releases Single “My Nightmare”

This is a dream coming true, new music from 7 Year Bitch’s Selene Vigil. Throwing a ton of rock and roll hand signs in the air.

Legendary punk-rocker, Selene Vigil, formerly of 7 Year Bitch, debuts her new single My Nightmare” today via Brooklyn Vegan. A preview of her much anticipated upcoming solo album Tough Dance, produced by Ryan Leyva, is forthcoming on November 17th, 2017. My Nightmare is lyrically driven with a blend of slick grunge, where the energetic melodies capture the classic angst of rock and roll. Vigil’s lyrics like “my nightmare, is your dream come true. To regret the life I spent, the life I spent with you,” tell you this is not a game of pretend.

Selene Vigil took the alt-rock world by storm in the early nineties with 7 Year Bitch. Her raw, dynamic voice powered songs like “Dead Men Don’t Rape,” “The Scratch,” and “Chow Down,” drawing crowds around the world.



“Recording this record was like making a movie,” said Vigil “we had the script…all we needed was to find the right director and actors to bring it to life. We could not have found a better group of musicians to make it happen.”

Teaming up with frequent collaborator Ben London (Alcohol Funnycar, STAG), Vigil and London recorded with Ryan Leyva (Brent Amaker & the Rodeo, Full Toilet) producing and on the guitar, Drew Church (Mark Lanegan, Jeremy Enigk) on the bass, and Davey Brozowski (Modest Mouse, Broken Bells) on the drums.

Tough Dance feels uniquely fresh and familiar at the same time. Vigil’s vocals are immediately recognizable with a new confidence. The music is at times driven by powerful riffs and on songs like “Sha La La” Vigil balances her throaty delivery with a sweet “girl group” wink of the eye. The Stranger’s Dave Segal says, “Selene Vigil returns with a solid gut-punch of a rock song that won’t disappoint her old band’s hardcore following… Vigil’s bravura vocals, ‘Sha La La’ scorches with a calculated causticity, evoking Seattle rock’s ’90s halcyon nights”.