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Scrubbing Almost Naked Azerbaijan Hairy Men in Oil on The Amazing Race

Cleaning a man’s junk on The Amazing Race is all part of the game in an attempt to win the million dollar prize. Hell, I’d do it for a cup of coffee and a maple scone. But if a million dollars were in play, I would do it with quite the rigor.

Apparently there’s so much oil in Azerbaijan that people bathe in the stuff.

In one of the wackiest challenges in “Amazing Race” history, contestants had to use shoe horns to wipe crude oil off the bodies of men taking a theropeudic dip in black gold at a local health spa in this former Soviet republic.

It was uncomfortable and high comedy at the same time.

“He looks like a Nutella-covered man,” J.J. joked as the hairy local with gold teeth stepped out of the bathtub.

While Art grumbled that his partner was losing focus during the detour with all his wise cracks, J.J. couldn’t help but laugh at the awkward situation.

“I’m in his thighs, Art!” he explained.

But just like every other task the two border patrol agents have been asked to perform in this season’s race around the world, they didn’t hesitate and quickly got the job done.

“You want a million dollars, scrub a man’s junk,” J.J. explained on the way to a second-place finish on Sunday’s episode.
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