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San Francisco’s Up Your Alley Street Fair 2012 FAQ: Can I be Nude & Lewd?

San Francisco’s Up Your Alley Street Fair returns this Sunday July 29th, 2012 at 11am to 6pm. Fair happens on Dore Alley between Howard and Folsom Streets, continuing on Folsom from 9th to Juniper and the adjoining block of 10th St. [See Map]
San Francisco, CA

Polish your leather, exfoliate your butt cheeks and get your kink on. Or in my case get your voyeuristic groove on.

Can I be nude at Up Your Alley or at the Folsom Street Fair?

There is no Federal law against nudity but neither is it a guaranteed right. This means that state, county and local laws can take precedence. Nudity, per se, is not a crime in California unless a person is lewd. The San Francisco District Attorney’s office has consistently discharged public nudity citations because “being naked in San Francisco is not a crime” (D.A. spokesperson Debbie Mesloh, September 2004). Folsom Street Events maintains local community standards, such as at Bay to Breakers and the Castro Street Fair. As fair organizers, we do draw the line with public sex (see below).
What is the policy on lewd behavior?
Folsom Street Events encourages all fairgoers to express behavior that is safe and within the law. We encourage everyone to take personal responsibility for providing a positive communal environment for the adult alternative lifestyle community. Lewd acts will be disrupted by our security volunteers who reinforce this message for anyone found on the fairgrounds to be in violation of our policy.At the suggestion of SFPD, we have implemented a more aggressive graduated policy for violators of the lewdness policy.

Step 1: Verbal warning
Inform the fairgoer that the behavior is not allowed and that they will face ejection from the fair on the next occurance.
Step 2: Reminder
Fairgoer will be reminded of the first warning and given a personal escort off the fair grounds with notification to gate volunteers not to allow re-entry. Warn the fairgoer that on the next violation of this policy we will escalate to SFPD.
Step 3: Turn over to SFPD
SFPD will be called to assist and requested to cite the fairgoer who has violated the lewdness policy.

Lewd behavior in second and third story windows on the fairgrounds will be referred directly to SFPD for intervention.

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