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Saint McCabe – “Everything That’s English”

Maneki-Neko is delighted to present the debut release from exciting new electronic pop musician, Saint McCabe. Featuring melancholic synths, addictive melodies, and a cheeky bite, Saint McCabe is the lovechild of 80’s Cold Wave electronic acts and trashy Eurovision semi-finalists. From the tongue-in-cheek pop of Now I Clean for Pleasure to the devastatingly personal take on modern England in Everything That’s English, Saint McCabe EP is the sound of an honest, introspective pop artist sheepishly introducing himself to the world with a dishcloth in one hand and a bundle of old vinyls in the other. Originally from Northern England, but now based in Scotland, Saint McCabe is the surprising new act from cult underground punk Ste McCabe, who toured worldwide for a decade before calling it a day in 2015.

Saint McCabe performs live in Edinburgh, Scotland on 29th October, and in Vienna, Austria on 17th November.



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