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Robbie Williams Flips the Birds to Weight Gain Rumors by Posting Picture of His Washboard Stomach

I have to say, I do not know one song that Robbie Williams sings. He’s a singer right? I only know him from the tabloids. So, all I can say based on the photo below, looking good Robbie. I see 4 birds.


Robbie Williams isn’t about to take speculation that he is piling on the pounds lying down. The singer hit back at the suggestion via his blog yesterday, posting a picture that certainly proved that his washboard abs are back for good.  Robbie, 38, posed topless for a picture showcasing his flat stomach and smugly giving his critics the finger. VIA

Referring to the photographers who took the unflattering picture, he wrote: ‘Thank you for your internationally syndicated horrid picture of me (the one you put up of me leaving Taverna Tony’s…)

‘Just to “weigh” it up here’s me at home the next day. With much love and respect, Robert.’

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