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Rhumba Club – “Normativity” Video Challenges Idea of What a Man ‘Should’ Be

The name Rhumba Club should be on all of your lips. Fresh poignant artist with a powerful message.

Rhumba Club’s new music video for “Normativity” says F U to the out of date notion of how a man is suppose to behave. Mellow tune for a strong message.

Rhumba proudly shouts….Stay Queer 

Normativity is out on Spotify today here:

Rhumba Club are back with their Brexit-ready single, Normativity  . Described by The Line of Best Fit as an ‘empowering and emotive pop masterpiece’, Normativity  combines ‘80s synth-pop elements with lustful millenial electrobeats’.

Lead singer and writer Tom Falle – formerly of East London cult-favourites TEDDY – said of thenew track:

‘I wanted to take on heteronormativity in a brutal way. “Normativity” is an anthemic pop trackthat gets people dancing and singing in unison…I imagine everyone doing the macarena whilst singing “Let’s all do the normativity!” – it’s designed to create a kind of grotesque moment’.

Described by Notion as a cross between the Rhythm Method and WHAM!, Rhumba Club firstmade waves unpicking the complexities of millennial relationships with Fader and Notion-approved  singles Reunion and Lucifer  . Since then they have teamed up with synth-pop princess BYFYN  and Lipsync 1000 winner, drag-rapper Rhys Hollis  to hold a series of sell-out club nights across East London.

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