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Rescue Dogs Become Best Friends With Rescue Ducklings | Hair Balls of the Day

All our adorable dogs are rescue. Pikelet was saved from death row at just 5 weeks old and joined our family. He was not just good around our foster puppies, rather he was quite incredible. Bonding almost straight away, Pikelet has a knack for welcoming orphaned puppies and teaching them how to dog.

Later one more puppy, Patty Cakes, joined our family. He was an old soul in a squishy, perfectly adorable bull-breed mix puppy body.

March this year we were once again offered the opportunity to foster for Wollongong Animal Rescue Network. Only this time it wasn’t orphaned puppies we would be fostering, it was two baby orphaned ducklings! Penguin & Popinjay (as we have named them) are now approx 4 weeks old. Ducklings will be adopted as a pair and we will of course be asking for Patty’s, who took over their mom role, approval in finding the perfect forever home.

Patty & Pikey take a lot of pride and care with their day to day duck duties. They eat, sleep and play together. We often visit a local park where both the pups & ducks can run and play and we even visit the small harbour dog beach where everyone can enjoy a swim together on really hot days.

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