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Study: Religion Increases Likelihood Of Suicide Attempts For LGBT People

new study presented this week at the European Symposium of Suicide and Suicidal Behavior examines the suicide attempt rate among Israeli youth, finding that it was much higher than reported in official statistics. Among LGBT youth, 20 percent reported suicide attempts, 112 times the rate of the general population in Israel. In particular, those who were particularly religious had the highest rates. Study director Dr. Chana Bar Yosef explains the phenomenon:

YOSEF: This is a sector that does not get enough notice, and it is a hotbed for suicides that you later hear about after the fact. The suicide rate among the religious homosexuals is the highest because they experience more distress when confronting their families.

Indeed, here in the United States, the Family Acceptance Project has thoroughly documented howfamily rejection of LGBT youth contributes significantly to suicide attempts, substance abuse, and homelessness.

Via thinkprogress.org By Zack Ford

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