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Reinvent Beards at WAD BARBERSHOP Contest(Video)

Beardalicious, Beardbanaza, Bearditude, Avant-Beard etc. The resurgence of beards in the last few years have made many happy campers, have kept many of chins warm, given male models an edge, and have put razors on the endangered species list.

To promote their partnership with Braun, WAD Magazine created this witty photo/video project in which they are calling people to participate in a contest titled “WAD Barber Shop”. Send a picture of yourself with a creative or natural beard looking at its finest to enter the contest. See below for more details.( via



Réinventes ta barbe avec WAD et Braun

Photographie : Julot Bandit
Direction artistique & vidéo : Julien Drapier
Stylisme : Charlotte Moreau
Maquillage & barbes : Julie Poulain

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