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Rapper Big Dipper Teases Us With Fur and Swag: Teaser Videos for Upcoming EP “They Ain’t Ready”

Here are two more reasons to add to how frickin’ titillated and turned on we are about Big Dipper performing at Accidental Bear’s 2 year Anniversary Party on December 8, 2012. Watch below two teaser videos for his upcoming EP entitled THEY AIN’T READY. We got served folks and I want seconds!

MEAT QUOTIENT is the new single from queer rap sensation BIG DIPPER.

With music from Dan Foley and explosive new visuals from Tobin Del Cuore, this is their biggest, thickest, juiciest, oiliest, sweatiest, raunchiest video to date.

Funded from a successful kickstarter campaign the music video for MEAT QUOTIENT will push the boundaries of hip-hop into a sexier, hairier, butt-sex-filled frontier. Expected release by the end of November 2012.

Recently featured in DETAILS magazine as one of “Hip Hop’s Queer Pioneers,” Big Dipper will deliver his new project, a FREE downloadable EP entitled THEY AIN’T READY featuring 6 original tracks before the end of 2012.

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