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Queer Men of Color Launch Stunning Body-Positive Fashion Photo Project | The EveryMan Project


The EveryMan Project (created by fashion photographer Tarik Carroll – The New York TimesNYLONPaperComplex, is a fashion-photo series that’s challenging hyper-masculinity head-on while also bringing body-positivity to the forefront, and celebrating cis and trans men of all backgrounds.

And it’s not just about the photos, it’s about the stories, something Tarik is sharing in a photo book and documentary.

“We created The EveryMAN Project to empower and inspire,” says Creative Director, Tarik Carroll. “This project is geared toward creating a safe space that I hope will serve to liberate men worldwide from self-hate. This book will challenge society’s standards of what the REAL male aesthetic is through the lens of re-imagined iconic 90’s fashion ads.”

The EveryMan Project is just getting started. Tarik is currently planning EveryMan castings throughout year and just held an open call this month.  FIND CASTING INFO HERE