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Québécois Circus Super Beardy Troupe, Cirque Alfonse | “Timber”

Members of Cirque Alfonse, a Québécois circus troupe with a fashionably rough-hewn aesthetic, rehearse their new show, “Timber.” Dina Litovsky for The New York Times

 The New York Time report:

“Recently, NYU’s Skirball Center has made itself a prime venue for a very niche form of entertainment: contemporary circus arts from Quebec, whose legendary National Circus School has spawned not only the glitzily famous Cirque du Soleil but a slew of smaller, more DIY companies, such as Cirque Eloize, which performed at Skirball last winter. Now through Sunday comes Cirque Alfonse’s “Timber,” which takes circusry to an artisanal, organic extreme. The troupe — which hails from the sylvan-paradise village of Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez and is composed largely of burly, bearded fellas who lift themselves and one another into the air in various improbable configurations, plus three generations of family members, from a lovably cranky grandpa right down to an adorable mop-haired tyke — makes all of its sets and equipment from wood and other materials found on its own farm. The stage has an indie-woodsy look for which most Brooklyn coffee-shop owners would sacrifice their flannel and Red Wings. And the performers come by this show’s name the hard way: over the course of its hour-plus run time, no end of sharp-edged hatchets and giant crosscut saws are juggled, tossed and spun — often mere, unnerving inches away from those bushy beards.”

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Dina Litovsky for The New York Times
Dina Litovsky for The New York Times
Dina Litovsky for The New York Times

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