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Q&A with Singer Brian Justin Crum + New Music Video “I & U”

It’s peak World Pride Month so I was happy to grab a few moments with singer Brian Justin Crum. You may remember him from his jaw dropping performance on America’s Got Talent where he exploded into our hearts and onto our radar.

Watch below his latest music video for “I & U” and check out our short Q&A. Then get out there and be proud. #SupportQueerArtists #SupportQueerTalent

Photo by Mark Mendoza

Since AGT, I’m sure your life has been a rollercoaster of events. What has been a high and a low from your career since appearing on AGT? 

This career comes with its highs and lows just like any career. It’s those lows that really drive me and create a special kind of gratitude for all that I do have. The travel is the high for me. Getting to visit cities all around the world and meet the amazing people who have been supporting me for years. The fans are really what push me to do my best and to be my most authentic self. I want to make them proud.

What inspires you to create music today? Who inspires you personally?

Pride month has been really inspiring to be in general. Being surrounded by my community and seeing the love flow. Its incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by queer people from so many different walks of life and being able to connect with them, hear their stories and constantly challenge what Ive “known to be true”. Im seeing privilege in our community in a very different way then I ever have… white privilege, body privilege, class privilege. I’m inspired by surrounding myself with people who don’t look like me and asking better questions.  

What makes you most proud this PRIDE season? 

I’m most proud to see so many young queer kids at Pride. I’m looking out during my sets and seeing their eyes filled with joy and my heart explodes. I’m so proud that we’re moving in a direction where young should are feeling empowered and celebrated in the skin they are in!

Just for fun: What would be a dream duet for you? 

Lady Gaga

Tell me a little bit about your new single “I & U”

It’s a continuation of my previous single CIRCLES. Finally exiting a toxic relationship and then finding yourself longing for that person back. I think we can become a bit addicted to our traumas. I & U is just that very human way of saying I still miss you…

What can we look forward to from you in the year coming? 

Lots more music! Its my focus right now. Writing and recording music that tells a story and gives people hope. 

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