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Punks of Pride in London | Video

This short film documenting the first punk float at Pride in London has struck a chord with me. How do we not have a Punks Pride float in our San Francisco Pride Parade? And how can I change this. If you are reading this and want to help get a SF Punk Pride float into reality, hit us up at accidentalbear@gmail.com.

I grew up and came out in Upstate New York. Instead of falling into the local gay community, I fell into the open arms of the local punk scene. I felt much more at home and comfortable with the “weirdos” in the punk scene that the LGBT community that tends to be very mainstream centric. The punk scene cushioned my coming out, and gave me a place to fit it. Thinking back though, I had no out, queer, punk, role models or even friends. The world is very different now in 2017, and it is time to support punk pride.


There’s not a lot of crossover between the punk world and mainstream LGBTQ+ culture. Which is odd, because there are plenty of queer punks and punk bands, and actually many of the figures we now view as revolutionary gay icons – Leigh Bowery, Boy George, Divine – essentially came out of the punk scene, or at least embodied the punk spirit in the way they went about their lives.

Photo: Tashina Alam

When London filmmaker Tali Clarke realised the punk scene wasn’t getting its fair share of visibility in the LGBTQ+ world she came up with Pride Punx, a float at the London Pride parade that would see live bands playing to a brigade of pogoing punks. That idea came to fruition at last year’s parade, and went down so well that Tali’s been asked back to this year’s event, in central London this Saturday.

VICE Tali spoke with filmmaker Tali Clarke. Read interview here vice.com

The Pride Punx float at London Pride 2016. Photo: Colin Clarke