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….Is this real life, is this just fantasy….

Pug-fronted black metal outfit, Pugtopsy, are bringing the heavy with “Snorts of Sorrow,” a track to awaken the wet-nosed juggernaut in you.

With the new single, Pupcake (vocals) is back to remind the metal community what brutality really sounds like. This raging hellhound hits hard with his guttural growls and snorts, backed by a powerhouse of sound. When asked about the main inspiration for the track, Pupcake responded with a frenzied “aaaaaahhhhhh huhnfuhnhuuunfrrrr blehhhhhhhhh,” which roughly translates to “I wrote this at a point in my life where I just wanted to run around and wreck sh*t. That’s what metal should be, right?” Harnessing this chaos is effortless in Pugtopsy’s live shows, evidenced by their huge circle pits. This comes as no surprise, as Pupcake can run around in circles with the best of them. “Snorts of Sorrow” gives you a taste of the grunts and growls to come.

The new Pugtopsy single can be found on iTunes, and a brand new shirt is available on Merchnow, with proceeds going toward Neuterhead.

Pugtopsy – “Snorts of Sorrow” – iTunes

 Pugtopsy Merch HERE 

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