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Privates Johns Wants Expand Underwear Options for Plus Size Men

Private Johns is a passion project, started in Canada, aiming to reach big guys all around the world. We want to create more representation in the plus-size fashion industry and expand the options for the “Big and Tall” apparel. More men than ever are plus-sized, which is even more of
a reason to strive for proper inclusivity.

“Our goal is to create a well-fitted pair of underwear that works for diverse body types of bigger guys. We focus on flexibility and breathability when we designed the underwear. “

“With Private Johns, we want to offer more choices in high-quality and fitting underwear for bigger men. We will launch our Kickstarter 1st April 2020 and hope to find strong support from the community. The goal is to reach 10.000 USD in funding to start producing the items. Every backer will get a reward and will help us create more inclusiveness in fashion and apparel!”

Find more info at  PrivateJohns.com

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