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Pounds Chest and Repeats Jake Gyllenhaal’s Name Over and Over For Magic Bath Tub Ride Interviews: Sneak Peek Video

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After the huge success of our bathtub interviews in 2012, we have decided that we must continue! We have had a major discovery and wanted to give you sneak peek. While taking a bath and scrubbing off the scum of the city and filthy thoughts, Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders discovered that his claw foot bath tub was no ordinary bath tub. As he coughed up a hair ball and pounded his chest while simultaneously repeating Jake Gyllenhaal’s name over and over, his bath tub took him on a magic bath tub ride, much like the magic carpets we read about as children.

So, in 2013 our bath tub interviews will be taken on the road in our magic bath tub. Where will we end up? You’ll just have to watch and find out. As Mike was test driving the magic tub he made a sneak peek video.

Enjoy and be on the lookout for our first magic tub ride interview!


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