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Post About Hunky Male Model Turns into “Cancel Culture” Discussion

Update apology posted to Instagram from Michael today around 12:00pm.

“Plus size”, “beefy”, “thick”, “hunky”, “husky” or “gay model.” What term do you prefer or do you have another? Or should we drop all labels and just say model? Michael McCauley has received much attention lately about his new modeling gig with Abercrombie & Fitch.

Abercrombie & Fitch has launched a new campaign featuring plus-size and diverse models after a history of only featuring thin models. 

The campaign comes as the clothing brand attempts to rebrand itself to fit in with the “body positivity” movement.

The ads, which will be for the brand’s Fierce fragrance, will also focus on themes of self-empowerment, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ equality.

I was going to share this as a light, supportive, celebratory post about inclusivity, but that doesn’t seem possible. After getting an avalanche of press, it seems like model Michael McCauley’s past social media comments have surfaced and biting him in the ass. Read below.

Instead of throwing this post in the trash, I wanted to talk about a term that has been thrown around the political arena and beyond as of lately including the current drama on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race with Sherrie Pie, “cancel culture“. From my understanding, it is where someone basicalled majorally “fucks up”, gets caught in a “scandal,” has XXX photos/video surface, called out for racist speech, etc and then society and communities become judge and juror and “cancels” this person on the spot.

Who decides when a second chance is given? When do we allow a person to explain their actions and offer an apology? When should society accept an apology? Who decides? Who gets a chance at redemption?

Michael Robert McCauley models for Abercrombie

My original post was going to be an introduction of hunky male model Michael Robert McCauley and sharing his new gig with Abercrombie & Fitch with its 2020 ‘Face Your Fierce’ campaign that is promoting its various ‘Fierce’ fragrances. Abercrombie & Fitch has a very shady past itself, having issues of racism, and only featuring thin models. Main focus was to be written about the diversity of the models featured. So there, we have that.

Shared on Twitter “INTRODUCING: THE FIERCE FAMILY There’s no one way to be Fierce. Discover six distinct scents, all related yet all uniquely different—each represented by a member of our amazing 2020 cast.” #FACEYOURFIERCE

After getting much attention in our news feeds in the last few weeks, racist comments from his past have surfaced

Website Queerty has reported the following update:

Update: March 16, 2020

After our interview was published, some users on Twitter shared two social media postings reportedly posted by Michael McCauley when he lived in Portland, Oregon concerning the organization Black Lives Matter. One message, posted to Facebook and captured in a screenshot, said, “A group called ‘Black Lives Matter’ is blocking the street downtown and just made me late for a crucial meeting. Thank you for making your point – I’m glad your life matters more than mine.”

A second posting appeared to be a response to someone else’s message, instructing them to, “spend 10 minutes researching blm and come back and talk to me lol. It’s a group of extremists that don’t really represent the majority of the black community.”

The screenshots were undated. We have approached McCauley to comment on these postings.

Original interview on Queerty here

As of yesterday, Michael shared this to his Instagram account.