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Portraits of Mexico’s City’s Young Creatives

Dazed reports — You can find creativity anywhere in the world. Just ask Victor Barragán – the 25-year-old designer from Mexico City who lives in NYC and shows at New York Fashion Week. Despite now living far from his roots, he’s not cut himself off from the people back home – and his latest project spotlights six of them. Their jobs may range from designers to architects and photographers, but there’s one thing they all have in common: their creativity, and a desire to use Mexico and its heritage as a place to develop this. In the country’s dense capital city, these people are at the fore of an exciting, vibrant new wave.

Shot by Zora Sicher, styled by Nayeli de Alba and with art direction from Javier Sola, the images are a collage of youth culture and creation. You’ve got Alberto Bustamante, an architect and DJ operating around the edges of the city; María Osado, founder of her own modelling agency that aims to challenge rigid beauty standards; and Alan Balthazar, a photographer finding inspiration in the art movements of the city. Then there’s Carla Valdivia, founder of her own graphic design practice Studio Katsu; Jovan Israel, a freelance illustrator for LGBT+ sites; and Roberto Sánchez, a designer whose raw work is influenced by the immediacy of his surroundings.


Photography  by Zora Sicher | Follow on Instagram and at