“Pool Scum” | New Animated Skateboarding Short Film

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MOVIE MOUNTAIN is small independent film studio making short films located on a mountain top in Washington State.  We use a combination of old school practical effects equipment (a 25 year old motion control system, puppets, models and other miniatures) and modern equipment (RED cameras, Computer controlled LED lighting, composting and editing software) to make stuff no one else is making.  We see big potential in creating worlds and telling stories on social media through by shorts of various lengths.

MOVIE MOUNTAIN writes, “We believe that Patreon is an amazing way for us control our process and decide what we make an when we make it.  Our first project is a stop motion skateboarding project set in the 1980s in California called Pool Scum.  We are doing our Patreon on a per project bases, so you’ll only get billed when we come out with a new project.  For Pool Scum we made shirts and socks and have these as rewards for our backers.  Each tier gets early access to all of our content, (it will be posted here before anywhere else) as well as constant flow of behind the scenes and updates and happenings on the Mountain. Thank you for the support.”

I couldn’t find a lot of information about the project but I’m intrigued. checked out their Patron Page for all information and updates here:  become a patron to Movie Mountain.

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Below: behind the scenes on the Movie Mountain animated short film, pool scum

POOL SCUM EPISODE 3: THE REBUTTAL. #Poolscum was such a blast to work on and we would love to make more episodes. A great way to support this project and future ones is through the @moviemountain the Patreon. You can watch the whole piece edited together and pick up shirts and socks. We made Pool Scum as an example of how Instagram can be used and as proof of concept for what we are doing at Movie Mountain. A bunch of people but in hundreds of hours of hard work on it at @moviemountain. @memmonz was the special effects supervisor, @kaikorsmo was the lead fabricator and set builder, @lex.lore did the wardrobe and helped with props, @timothytickle made the miniature pants and worked on props, @kylestephensnow spent months animating the puppets, @theshelbyfoundation provided moral support and made miniature beer cans, @nightjarillustration did the matte painting and tshirt painting, Warren Lee did the sound design, @classichenbo interned for a month. I hope you guys like it and thanks for all of the support and great feedback 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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