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Pogonophiles: “Duck Dynasty” is Like Honey Boo Boo Meets Grizzly Adams: The Beards Are Back: Video

Why hasn’t anyone brought this to my attention? Duck Dynasty is Honey Boo Boo meets Grizzly Adams.

A&E Network introduces the Robertsons, a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream as they operate a thriving business while staying true to their family values and lifestyle.

Ask anyone in Louisiana and they’ll tell you that the bayou state’s favorite first family doesn’t live in the governor’s mansion but in the backwoods, where the Robertsons’ rags-to-riches story is still unfolding. A homegrown mom-and-pop operation, Duck Commander has become a sporting empire by fabricating top-of-the-line duck calls and decoys out of salvaged swamp wood.

This newly minted multimillionaire family is kept in line by business-savvy Willie, who runs Duck Commander with the help of his brother Jase, their respective wives Korie and Missy, patriarch and founder of the company, Phil, and uncle Si. Together they run a booming business that employs half their neighborhood, but at the end of the day, you can find the whole family around matriarch Miss Kay’s dinner table.

Each episode brings a new set of challenges, met with a special brand of Southern know-how and a down-home sense of humor.

This season on Duck Dynasty: Sadie attempts to get her driver’s license; John Luke starts dating, but Phil won’t let the teenage lovebirds out of his sight; Si gets fed-up with the duck call business and quits; the whole family pulls together and enters the local tractor race competition with a supped’ up racing machine; Kay asks Phil to build a playhouse for their granddaughters but he “looses” the directions; Willie takes a by-any-means-necessary approach to losing weight for his high school reunion; and Si is conned into a pricey purchase at the used car lot.

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Season Premiere Wednesday, October 10 | 10/9C


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